Long-term since , our company in the production and operation activities continue to implement total quality management , take the quality as the lives of enterprises . All employees carry forward the " quality products , excellent service , continuous improvement , customer satisfaction, " the spirit of enterprise , to create enterprise management , product quality , economic benefit , team quality " top four" for the business goals , and actively follow the " quality first" principle , rely on scientific and technological progress , adhere to the road of quality benefit development , efforts to improve the quality of enterprise management level . To further meet customer requirements , enterprises according to ISO9002 standards of quality system requirements, formulate corresponding procedures and operation documents , the quality of the activities of the various specifications . According to the ISO9002 standards , established a quality assurance system , and constantly enhance the capacity of quality assurance , dedicated to domestic and foreign customers with quality products and excellent service , and to strengthen the multi-directional , multi-level cooperation and seek common development .

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